Coil Well Service

Essential Coil Well Service ("ECWS") operates the largest masted coil tubing fleet in Canada providing coil services to producers in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. With strategically and conveniently located bases, ECWS effectively provides complete services to areas such as the Horn River, Montney, Cardium, Viking, Oilsands, SAGD, Lower Shaunovan, and Bakken, furthering its commitment to its customers. The new Generation III and IV masted coil tubing rigs are well-suited to complete longer, deeper and more complex wells.

Leading the coil industry in safety standards, and equipment innovation, ECWS specializes in safe, efficient, and economical well interventions. ECWS' new generation of advanced coil tubing technology has enabled it to provide coil tubing rigs that are designed for rapid deployment and efficiency – with a strong focus on safety.

Types of Rigs:


    ECWS Customer Hotline 1-844-ESN-COIL


    Coil Tubing

    Generation II:

    • Gen II was the first masted coil tubing rig built on a trailer for Essential
    • Improved reel capacity compared to Gen I
    • The built-in mast eliminates the need for a crane, reducing rig up time


    Generation III:

    • Design is similar to Gen II but the unit is bigger and heavier
    • Bigger reel sizes for an increased reel capacity
    • Built with hydraulic legs that can raise the height of the injector

    Generation IV:

    • Impressive reel capacity, carries larger and heavier coil compared to the Gen II and III
    • Patented sliding mast system to increase mast height
    • Walking and pivoting feature designed for pad work, first in the industry
    • Unique injector guide with a rack and pinion positioning system to move the injector

    Special Features of the Generation IV Rigs:

    • Increased reel capacity for larger and heavier coil
    • Reel slide system for weight distribution


    • Increased mast height to allow for a larger bottom hole assembly and higher wellhead assembly
    • Patented hydraulic mast slide for even weight distribution
    • Injector guide with rack and pinion positioning system


    Additional Design Features
    • Rig mounted instrumentation and electronic over hydraulic primary controls
    • Integrated hydraulic crab walking system to increase mobility on extremely tight locations and to decrease rig up time on pad well sites
    • Coil tubing injector can be operated in any position while maintaining well center without relocating the rig
    • The reel can move along the trailer; this distributes the weight more evenly between the truck's axis


    Generation IV Reel Trailer
    • Developed to test the capability of the heavy duty trailer to carry the reel
    • Built with a reel slide system for weight distribution
    • Using a box frame trailer design and high tensile material, the reel can widen and increase the capacity to carry larger coil diameter or longer strings for milling

    Conventional Coil:

    • Tractor/trailer coil tubing rigs
    • 10K rated pressure control equipment
    • 4,500m depth capacity utilizing 2" coil tubing
    • 45 ton crane available with all rigs



    Fluid Pumpers

    • 1,000 HP (708 kw x 2) twin Quintuplex fluid pumper
    • 660 HP (492 kw x 2) twin triplex fluid pumpers
    • 600 HP (447 kw) single triplex fluid pumpers
    • Pressure rating to 103 MPA (15,000 lbs)
    • Dual 3.0 m3 chemical mixing tanks
    • E&H flowmeter systems for accurate fluid measurement with stroke counter backup
    • Climate controlled cab with the latest data recording technology
    • Redundant electronic over pressure trip system
    • Fluid pumper to coil data networking


    Single Pumper (600 HP) Triplex Pump

    Twin Pumpers (x600 HP) Triplex Pump

    Twin 1,000 HP Quintplex Pumps with Matched Engine Packages


    Chemical Addition Unit

    • 6 tote (7,200 litre) capacity, holds all the coil supporting chemicals for an entire job
    • Chemicals are loaded to the fluid pumper using an injection system, which reduces the chance of spill on location
    • 2 - SPX Waukesha electric driven pumps and 4 - Eagle progressive cavity electric driven pumps
    • Dycor Smart Vue Operating System in a fully enclosed and climate controlled cab
    • Large lab area complete with all necessary equipment for complete fluid analysis
    • E&H coriolis flowmeter systems for accurate chemical additions for coil tubing operations
    • 40 kw generator to supply power for chemical pumps, heating systems, lighting, laboratory, heated chemical hoses, control systems and data acquisition systems



    Coil Support Chemicals

    • Friction Reducer – Reduces pumping fluid friction
    • Gel Sweep –  Lifts cuttings when milling
    • Coil Lube – Metal to metal lubricator
    • Foamers – Carries sand & debris out with less hydrostatic pressure
    • Biocide –  Anti-fouling agent
    • Stress Crack Inhibitor – Reduces risk of embrittlement and stress cracking on metal pipe
    • H2S Scavenger – Treating sour fluids

    Nitrogen Pumpers

    Tri-drive, body mounted, nitrogen flameless pumping units
    • Glycol, hydraulic, and exhaust vaporization systems
    • Mounted N2 tanks that hold 7,000 scm of useable nitrogen gas
    • Pump rates from 5 scm – 85 scm per minute
    • Pump pressures from 0 – 70 mpa (0 – 10,000 Psi)
    • Pump temperatures from -5 degrees C to 70 degrees C (23 F to 158 F)
    • 2 N2 units are high rate - N2 capable