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Financial Documents

"In 2018, Essential generated revenue of $190 million and Adjusted EBITDAS of $20 million, both approximately 8% higher than 2017. 

ECWS revenue increased 6% in 2018, primarily due to demand for Essential’s Generation III coil tubing rigs and quintuplex fluid pumpers. Our first ECWS Generation IV coil tubing rig retrofit started work in October and completed several jobs in the Montney and Duvernay, proving the design and engineering. We are excited about this rig and its capabilities. It has been well received by customers and crews.

Tryton revenue increased 10% in 2018 due to higher demand for conventional tools in Canada used for production and decommissioning work, strong performance from the MSFS® business and Tryton U.S. revenue growth."

– Garnet Amundson

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