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Safety is the foundation, and the core value, of Essential’s vision and mission.  Our goal is to conduct business in a manner that maintains the health and safety of our employees and industry colleagues while, at the same time, conserving resources and protecting our environment.  Everyone is responsible for safety at Essential, and our leaders are accountable for HSE performance.  In order to work here, individuals must share this commitment. At Essential, safety is simply a way of life.


Health & Safety

How do we accomplish this?

  • We train our leaders to understand that safety isn’t just a priority it’s a value. Priorities can change, values don’t.
  • We recognize that safety and operations are not mutually exclusive. Safety is taken into account and integrated with all of our operations. It’s simple. If we can’t accomplish the job safely, we won’t do it.
  • We provide technical and leadership training throughout all levels of our organization.
  • Our HSE model is built upon Continuous Improvement. Our operations management and HSE professionals are constantly analyzing and auditing our work procedures in the field. When improvements are identified, they are included in the process.
  • Our employees are experts at identifying, and most importantly, mitigating hazards and risks.

Health and Safety Policy


AboutUs Safety Midpage 


Protecting our natural environment is everyone’s concern and responsibility

We are committed to minimizing the impact our activities have on the environment while managing our operations economically and efficiently.

Our commitment is integrated with corporate decisions and strategies based on the following guiding principles:

  • We comply with applicable environmental law, industry standards and our own policies.
  • We make environmental considerations an integral part of the planning process.
  • We operate our vehicles and facilities in a manner that protects the environment.
  • We identify and mitigate the adverse impacts of our operations on the environment in keeping with good environmental and business practices.
  • We respond to emergencies in a prompt and efficient manner.
  • We commit resources to ensure our employees are fully informed of their responsibilities and are trained to protect the environment while performing their duties.

Environmental Policy