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Nitrogen Pumpers

Coiled tubing rigs are supported by a fleet of fluid and nitrogen pumpers. Nitrogen pumpers pump inert nitrogen gas into the wellbore for stimulation or work-over operations and to purge the coiled tubing of fluids once the coiled tubing work has been completed. We also provide stand-alone nitrogen work including kick arounds, purges, burst discs and pipeline purging.



  • Tri-Drive, Body Mounted, Nitrogen Flameless Pumping Units
    • Tri-Drive, Body Mounted, Nitrogen Flameless Pumping Units
    • We have the pumps and product logistics to make the job simple for any operator.

      • Specs
      • Mounted N2 tankshold 7,000 scm of useable nitrogen gas
      • Pump rates10 scm – 85 scm per minute
      • Pump pressures0 – 70 mpa (0 – 10,000 Psi)
      • Pump temperature-5 C to 70 C (23 F to 158 F)
    • Download spec sheet
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